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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

These 6 portable gadgets are usefull for fitness and Health

 These 6 portable gadgets are useful for fitness, photography, dance party to grooming, cost less than 2 thousand rupees

The Mi Beard trimmer works continuously for 60 minutes on a 1C full charge

Songs can be listened continuously for up to 11 hours by charging the flower to the Vingajoy pocket speaker

Navratri has started and Diwali is also approaching. Companies are offering bumper discounts on their products to attract customers during the festive season. Good luck buying vehicles, gadgets and home appliances.

If you also want to buy a new gadget for yourself or someone else this festive season on a low budget, we have prepared a list of some of the gadgets that are available in a budget of less than 2 thousand. View list ...

1. Mi Beard Trimmer 1C (Price Rs. 899)

Everyone's routine gets busy at the festival. A lot of time is spent cleaning and shopping at home. Now going to the salon and setting up a hair-beard in such a situation means wasting an hour or two.

If you want to set your hair or beard quickly during the festival, you can take this cheap trim of Mi. The special thing is, it has a total of 20 length setting options up to 0.5-10mm.

It takes two hours for the flower to charge, but then it can be used continuously for 60 minutes.

2. Realmy Selfie Tripod (Price Rs. 1199)

The company has just launched it. Want to capture the joy of spending time with family while enjoying the festival, and even this gadget can be purchased without any help.

It also comes with a Bluetooth remote, which can capture photos from a distance of 10 meters. It has a stand as it can be easily placed on a flat surface. It has an extensible length of 60 cm. It weighs only 162 grams. It can be easily carried anywhere.

3. Itel IBS-10 Bluetooth Speaker (Price Rs. 1299)

The company has recently launched this speaker. With its Voice n Simple design, this speaker gives the feel of a mini soundbar. It has a 1500 mAh battery, the company claims that it has a battery life of 6 hours on a full recharge.

It has a separate button for play-pause and on-off. It has Bluetooth 5.0 option for connectivity. Phone-tablet-laptop etc. can be easily connected in it. It also has support for AUX and card, wireless FM.

4. Vingajoy SP 6560 Pocket Speaker (Price Rs. 1,599)

This speaker is very beautiful in appearance. This speaker can be useful if you want to have a dance party with younger siblings or friends at home. The special thing is that its body is made of metal and being compact in size, it can be carried anywhere in the pocket.

The speaker has a 400mAh battery. It can be fully charged and listen to music for up to 11 hours continuously. Its Bluetooth range is 11 meters. It will get 5W sound output and can connect to both iPhone or Android devices.

5. Realmy 30W Dart Charge 10000mAh Power Bank (Price: Rs. 1,699)

This is a power bank that supports fast charging. This can be a good option for you if you are thinking of getting a new power bank. It weighs just 230 grams and is 17mm thick. It can go into low-current mode by double-clicking its power button. It can then be safely charged to devices like neckband, fitband, smartwatch.

It has two-way 30W dart charge support. With this technology the power bank takes 96 minutes to charge and the power bank charges the Realm6 phone with 4300mAh battery up to 65% in just 30 minutes. It has two output ports (USB-A, USB-C).

6. Mi Smart Band 4 (Price Rs. 1,999)

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This gadget is a good option to give as a gift to yourself or someone on a budget of less than Rs 2,000. This fitband includes AMOLED full touch display, water resistant up to 50 meters depth, 20 days battery life, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, vibrating alarm, music and volume control, unlimited watch faces, swim tracking etc. Features are provided.

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