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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

WhatsApp Rolls Out Storage Management Tool, Learn How to Use It

 WhatsApp Rolls Out Storage Management Tool, Learn How to Use It

There will be a dedicated option to view frequently shared media files

The new storage management tool will also list files with more than 5MB of storage

WhatsApp is rolling out a redesigned storage management tool to remove junk messages. The tool became active earlier this year. The new storage management tool helps WhatsApp users to suggest, review and delete bulk to empty storage capacity on the phone.

This tool also helps in deleting unneeded files that are frequently shared and viewed on the app. The new tool will be released globally this week. It also gives the user a clean up suggestion.

Use a new storage management tool like this

To use this tool, go to WhatsApp Settings, click on Storage and Data, go to Manage Storage and access the redesigned Storage Management Tool.

The chat was previously listed under the WhatsApp Storage Usage section, through which users could delete a limited file.

However the new feature will also get a new experience with an all new interface. It also shows a dedicated bar for how much storage is consumed by WhatsApp media content.

The app will also have a dedicated option for viewing media files shared multiple times. So finding forwarded files will help in deleting them.

The re-design storage management tool also lists files larger than 5MB in size. So it will help to review the file according to its size.

When the storage is full, you will get a message at the top of the chat

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As soon as the storage is full in the new tool, the user will get a message at the top of the chat. By clicking on this message the user can access the redesign storage management tool.

The hint of this tool was found only in the month of June when the option to remove specific content with large files was also added in WhatsApp. The tool was tested on a beta version in September.

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