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Monday, March 29, 2021

Mask નો વારંવાર ધોઈને ઉપયોગ કરતા હોવ તો સાવધાન... માસ્ક વિશે આ માહિતી ખાસ જાણો

 Be careful if you use the mask frequently after washing ... Learn this information about the mask in particular

Masks or face covers are one of the best ways to protect yourself during the Corona epidemic. But if you don't know this information about the mask, it will be your turn to repent.

Masks or face covers are one of the best ways to protect yourself during the Corona epidemic. A good quality mask has a 70 percent chance of preventing infection and can also prevent the spread of germs that cause other related diseases.

Surgical masks are very effective. However, most people use reusable masks made of cloth. Reusable masks made of cloth have also become a good option if you want to be economical and environmentally friendly.

How much protection can a reusable mask give you?

Is it true that using the same mask over and over again to avoid Covid-19 is a good option for you? If we look at a new study, using the same mask over and over again during an epidemic can be riskier than not using the same mask. Let's find out why.

Learn this information about the mask in particular
Learn this information about the mask in particular

What does this study say?

Frequent use of surgical masks, according to researchers, is the biggest reason for the failure to protect against epidemics. With repeated use and exposure, the mask loses its proper shape. The fabric used to make the mask, which is designed to form a kind of absorber layer, becomes less effective over time.

After using a computer model in their study, the scientists came to the conclusion that a person who uses a surgical mask can be better protected from the virus. It was found that the fabric of the mask affects the way air enters the mouth and nasal cavity and also the type and condition of the mask affects the risk of infection.

New and fresh masks offer the most protection. While already used masks can filter out less than 60 percent of viruses and other impurities.

Look and buy the fabric of the mask

Before choosing a reusable or surgical mask, examine the fabric from which it is made. The mask is washed frequently because it has been used for a long time. The fabric of a cheap quality mask will naturally become less effective with frequent use.

Similarly, if you are using a trendy and fashionable mask, buy it by looking at its fabric. According to the doctors, however, this type of mask looks fashionable due to the rich threadwork, sequins (stitches taken on the clothes for decoration). But the low-quality fabric used in it often affects the quality of the mask.

Remember to wear a good-quality mask. A mask that covers the mouth, is completely safe, has no holes for germs to enter, and it completely covers your mouth and nose.

Also expiration date of the reusable mask

Disposable masks should never be used for a long time. Because this mask also has an expiry date. It needs to be replaced or thrown away as soon as you buy a new mask ... it all depends on a number of things. Such as how often washed, how often it was used, and most importantly to what extent you come in contact with the Covid 19 transition.

People who travel all the time, meet people regularly or join the medical community need to change their masks frequently.

When should a reusable mask be replaced?

Having some extra masks with you at all times is a good way to keep it safe. The tips below will help you know when to change a reusable mask and when to buy a new one.

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- If you have to adjust frequently to cover your face and nose while wearing a mask. A Snuggly Fitted Mask is the best. In which there is no gap during wearing and only a little adjustment is required. A proper and comfortable fitting mask should have no gaps, nor need to be adjusted.

- Check the band and elastic of your mask. If the band loosens or falls off frequently, it indicates that the mask no longer fits you. One thing is for sure, the quality of the mask is deteriorating.

- If the fabric of the mask becomes dilapidated, light or thin after repeated washing.

- If you see any kind of hole or tear in your mask, it is the biggest warning to you that you may be a victim of the problem. Throw away the mask immediately.

If you want to be safe and you feel that your mask makes you feel uncomfortable in any way then it is time to remove it and get a new mask. Know it special.

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