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Monday, March 15, 2021

Puzzle Solution Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel IQ Test

  Puzzle Solution Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel IQ Test 

Companions, IAS inquiry questions are consistently in the conversation. It is said that any inquiry can be posed by the applicants in the UPSC test. Applicants start to perspire to breeze through this test. So we are showing you whatever fun UPSC questions and their answers. UPSC is viewed as an extremely troublesome test because of which understudies buckle down day and night. In UPSC, information as well as character is inspected. Understudies getting ready for UPSC can get a thought from these inquiries on how the response to an apparently regular inquiry is comparably surprising. Stay Connected With us.

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Puzzle Solution Dimagi Kasrat Koyda  Ukel  IQ Test
Puzzle Solution Dimagi Kasrat Koyda  Ukel  IQ Test

Puzzle Answer:- 

Answer : 

Thnk that you are going with 10 travelers in A transport. So at first, you are 10 + 1(you) travelers in the transport. 

Presently in the first stand, two travelers are left and 4 comes in the transport. 

Show the traveler in the transport after the first stand is 11-2+4=13. 

Presently on the second stand. five remaining the transport and 2 travelers come into comes in the transport. The travelers in the transport after the second stand is 13 - 5 + 2=10 

Presently in third stand 2 travelers left the transport and 3comes in the transport. Presently passenger in the transport after the third stand is 10-2+3=11. 

So the appropriate response is 11 travelers left in the transport is 11

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