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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Corona vaccine will not be given without Aadhaar card, in the first phase, paramedical staff including doctors will be vaccinated.

 Corona vaccine will not be given without Aadhaar card, in the first phase, paramedical staff including doctors will be vaccinated.

The center released guidelines for the corona vaccine

Initially 50 thousand frontline workers of Ahmedabad will be vaccinated

The central government sought data from health workers, including doctors from the state, including Ahmedabad

The corona vaccine is expected to arrive by February. The Government of India has then requested data from paramedical staff and health workers, including doctors from all states, including Gujarat. In the first phase, it has been decided to vaccinate everyone working on the frontline. For this, the central government has sent 18-page guidelines to the state government stating that no one should be vaccinated without an Aadhaar card.

Order to send the data to the Central Government by October 25

As of Thursday, the Gujarat government has sought data on doctors, nurses, supervisors, medical officers, paramedical staff, scientists and research staff, students working in the medical field and supporting staff working in hospitals in all municipal and municipal areas, including Ahmedabad. The data is mandatory to be sent to the central government by October 25.

It is to be mentioned that in Ahmedabad, paramedical staff, health workers including doctors of private as well as government hospitals, data of a total of 50 thousand health staff have been prepared, who will be vaccinated in the first phase.

Staff, including a doctor, must provide these details for the vaccine

According to the guidelines issued by the central government, all health staff, including doctors, will have to provide the required proof for the vaccine, including their name, photo ID, photo ID number, gender, date of birth, mobile number, post code number of those living in the city and Employee ID number of the person working in that organization must also be given. All these details have to be given by the city authority in Excel seat only.

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Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network set up for monitoring

The Central Government has developed a special Covid-19 Beneficiary Management System (CVBMS) for the corona vaccine, under which the National Covid Vaccine Cell is also in the process of being developed. An Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN) module is being developed under this cell, which will monitor whether everyone has been vaccinated. According to the state, one officer has been made the nodal officer.

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