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Saturday, May 29, 2021

New Scheme for vagrants in Corona pm care for kids

   New Scheme for vagrants in Corona pm care for kids 

New Scheme for vagrants in Corona 

Will get help from the PM Care Fund until the age of 18; The expense of instruction will be borne, CM Vijay Rupani additionally reported Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana 

Vagrants will get medical coverage of Rs 5 lakh 

In excess of 577 kids, the nation over lost their folks in the second rush of Corona 

The focal government has made a major declaration for youngsters stranded by a crown in the country. The educational expenses of such kids will likewise be given from the PM Care Fund. Monetary help will be given each month till the age of 18. What's more, the help of Rs 10 lakh will be given when the kid arrives at the age of 23 years. 

New Scheme for vagrants in Corona pm care for kids

Kids up to the age of 18 years whose guardians have both passed on during the Corona time frame are qualified for a month-to-month remittance of Rs. 5,000 will be given by the state government under this Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana. 

* Children who will proceed with their examinations even subsequent to finishing 18 years old are shrouded in the After Care Scheme for a very long time with no pay breaking point of Rs. The state government has chosen to give help of Rs 5,000. 

* Even in the wake of finishing 21 years, youngsters and ladies who are occupied with higher investigations are qualified for a month-to-month payment of Rs. 5,000 will profit. 

* That is, a wide range of undergrad and postgraduate courses will be considered substantial for this plan. 

* Scholarships endorsed by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment to the youngsters having a place with Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, NTDNT and Economically Backward Classes of the State and Tribal Development Department to the Resolutions, Circulars, Rules of that Department. Will be supported dependent upon. 

* The advantages of the relative multitude of plans of the multitude of organizations claimed by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Department of Tribal Development should be given to the qualified kids without considering as far as possible. 

* Not just this, instructive advance for concentrate in the state just as credit for concentrate abroad will be given on need premise independent of any pay limit. 

* Such vagrants and dejected kids will be covered under Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana (MYSY) for advanced education and its advantages will be given on need premise with no pay limit. 

PM Modi held a gathering 

A significant gathering was hung on Saturday under the authority of Prime Minister Modi on the best way to help kids stranded by Corona. He said youngsters lead the fate of the country. We will do all that we can to help and ensure them. It is our obligation as a general public to deal with the kids. 

In excess of 577 kids, the nation over lost their folks in the second rush of Corona 

Prior, Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani, subsequent to considering reports from the states and association domains, said that the nation has been tormented by guardians of 577 kids since April 1. Because of which every one of these kids has become vagrants. They said the public authority can give help and assurance to all youngsters who have lost their folks because of the crown. 

Kids' psychological wellness will likewise be dealt with 

Association Minister Smriti Irani said in a tweet that from April 1, 2021, to 2 pm on Tuesday, the guardians of an aggregate of 577 kids from the state government and the Union Territories have passed on because of the crown. They further said that these kids are presently protected under the area organization. In the event that such kids have any requirement for psychological well-being, we have framed a group at the National Institute of Mental Health. 

Zee News Report 


The Gujarat government additionally declared help to destitute youngsters from Corona 

The state government has additionally declared Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana for youngsters denied of the crown. In this plan declared by Chief Minister Rupani today, month-to-month help of Rs 4,000 for every youngster each month will be given to kids denied of crown till they arrive at the age of 18 years. Likewise, in the event that they have finished 18 years old and their folks have kicked the bucket, the kids under the After Care Scheme will be considered for them up to the age of 21 years and comparatively from 21 years to 24 years. Rupees will be given a month to month. 

Kids who need to go to concentrate abroad will be excluded from any pay limit. In the coming days, the kids will likewise be given a need in the express government's unfamiliar advance plan. In Mukhyamantri Swavalamban Yojana, a need will be given to youngsters who are seeking higher investigations in self-financed universities. In which no pay breaking point will be kept. The state government defers 50% expense in such plans. Moreover, kids will likewise profit from the public authority's MYSY conspire. 

Divvy Bhaskar News Report 


New Scheme for vagrants in Corona pm care for youngsters

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Friday, May 28, 2021



We Are Provide Information About How To Use Youtube Kids For Android -Apk Download. Download the Youtube Kids Android application.

Urge youngsters to find the world, with a set-up of parental controls 

A universe of learning and fun made only for youngsters 

We made YouTube Kids make it more secure and less difficult for kids to investigate the world through online video – from their number one tells and music to learning the best way to construct a model fountain of liquid magma (or make ooze), and everything in the middle. There's additionally an entire set-up of parental controls, so you can tailor the experience to your family's requirements.


A more secure online experience for youngsters 

We utilize a blend of channels, client criticism, and human commentators to keep the recordings in the YouTube Kids family agreeable. However, no framework is awesome and improper recordings can fall through, so we're continually attempting to improve our protections and offer more highlights to assist guardians with making the correct insight for their families. 

Get the scoop on all the control highlights accessible to you: 


Makeup to eight youngster profiles, each with their own review inclinations, video suggestions, and settings. 


Select assortments of channels on an assortment of subjects by confided in accomplices and YouTube Kids. 


Ensure that you're in charge of what your youngsters watch and hand-pick the recordings, channels, and assortments of channels that they can see. 


Discovered a video or channel that you don't need your youngster to watch? Square it to naturally eliminate it from the entirety of your kids' profiles. 


Alert us promptly by detailing recordings that shouldn't be in the application. The video will be shipped off us for a quick survey. 


Turn search on so your youngsters can get to more recordings. Turn search off for a more contained encounter by restricting the experience to channels that have been confirmed by YouTube Kids. 


Set up a clock to set boundaries for how long your youngsters can utilize the application. 


Monitor what your kids are watching in the application. 


Accumulate your family and appreciate YouTube Kids on select TVs. 

For more data, visit 

Other significant data: 

The parental arrangement is needed to guarantee the most ideal experience for your youngster. 

YouTube Kids contains paid advertisements to offer the application for nothing. Your youngster may likewise see recordings from YouTube makers with business content in them that are not paid promotions. 

Significant data for guardians with Family Link Google accounts. 

You can make Google Accounts for kids younger than 13 in Family Link. Your youngsters can sign into YouTube Kids with their Family Link Google Account. You can get to parental settings in the Family Link application and empower an extra substance level setting in our application. Select into a 'more seasoned' setting in the event that you feel that your youngster is prepared for less limited recordings. These recordings may contain some unequivocal language and symbolism, viciousness, and intriguing substance. 

How To Use Youtube Kids For Android -Apk Download

What's more, this setting attempts to avoid develop content, yet no robotized framework is awesome and your kid may discover content with nakedness, profoundly hostile language, and extraordinary savagery. Kindly note that parent affirmed content isn't accessible on the off chance that you sign into YouTube Kids with Family Link Google accounts. 

The Privacy Notice for Google Accounts made in Family Link depicts our security rehearses when your youngster utilizes YouTube Kids with their Family Link Google Account. At the point when your kid utilizes YouTube Kids without marking into their Family Link Google Account, the YouTube Kids Privacy Notice applies. 

To give an encounter for nothing out of pocket, YouTube Kids' is promotion upheld with restricted publicizing. At the point when your kid chooses a video in the application.

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Youtube Kids For Android -Apk Download

Recordings transferred by clients to YouTube are not Paid Ads and consequently, they are not set apart as an Ad nor are they dependent upon our promoting strategies. This may likewise incorporate substance about or from organizations who may have additionally bought Ads in the application.

For instance, a quest for trains could bring about train kid's shows, tunes, and recordings of genuine trains, just as a TV plug for toy trains transferred by a client or a toy train organization, none of which we consider as Paid Ads, as they are not a piece of the YouTube Kids publicizing program. Moreover, a quest for chocolate can show a client transferred video on making chocolate fudge despite the fact that we don't permit paid Ads for chocolatiers. Become familiar with Videos on YouTube Kids. 

We will eliminate recordings from the YouTube Kids application where the maker has informed us of a paid item arrangement or underwriting in their video through YouTube's paid item situation and support warning instruments


We are glad to educate you that the 'Family Nest-Safe and Warm' program is being dispatched for this present year just as a year ago for the psychosocial wellness of kids and guardians during this Koranakal. The pdf document of the video connection will be shipped off you consistently from tomorrow. Kindly send the record consistently to all guardians and youngsters around there! 

Maa judi ane mama no palv judo .... 

Entertaining things in the event that you know the substance ... 

Indeed, nine months after Maa was presented, Maa Palwa was presented. 

While drinking milk, my mom covered me with a cover and I was consoled .. From that point on it began to feel close... 

Also, at that point, it continued coming. 

Until Pura Aikha .. 

On the primary day of school, the hanky was made, 

In the mid-year, it turned into a cap, 

The towel absorbed the downpour, 

While racing to play, he got a napkin. 

In movement, it once in a while turned into a cloak. 

Maa is never found in the jam-packed market 

In any case, holding the finish of the Salwa, I continued strolling with no issue. 

It was my signal around there. 

While pouring hot milk, it got malleable, 

The fan went off when the lights went out in the mid-year. 

Upon the arrival of the outcome, the palav turned into my safeguard 

At the point when Dad gets back home .. 

After the tea is watered, 

A palav j rajuat karto .. 

"My red has come about. 

Great imprints have come, 

Less in a couple of subjects, 

However, presently he has said that he will concentrate cautiously. " 

When Dad began blowing up 

I used to watch from the side of the palwa 

Holding the finish of the palwa in the clench hand of the hand ....! ! ! 

It was Palve who educated me 

At the point when what and how to talk. 

In immaturity, when the finger was wrapped firmly around the palva and requested the third time by pulling it, 

"Who is the young lady .... what is the name ???" 

At that point he needed to cover his mouth to cover his face. 

Hosting a get-together around evening time .. strolling on the steps 

So that the sound of the entryway doesn't come .... 

By opening the entryway from the halwa 

A similar fabric used to be a spinning material. 

Ankadiya's voice was totally stifled and it was the smothered voice that instructed profound quality. 

Impulse gained from palav .. 

Civility gained from Palav .. 

Satvikata gained from Palav .. 

Reality gained from Palav .. 

Progress gained from Palav .. 

Resilience gained from palav .. 

Mindfulness gained from Palav .. 

This isn't the finish of the story, no expert of any pen has the words to communicate this precisely, no modifier can be discovered anyplace in the word reference that can be supposed to be totally suitable for Maa Na Palwa even in the wake of recalling the occasions of the entire life. I don't have a solitary cutoff; This is only a hint of something larger. However, Maa no Palav is immense, limitless, indefinable. 

No painter has colors, no Tansen has no tune, no exact articulation is conceivable. 

I acknowledge my impediments, it isn't up to us to expound on Maa Palav. 

Right now there are elective camps running. Regardless of whether it is a choice camp or some other camp, every one of the camps are according to the guidelines and show humankind totally. 

Showing straightforwardness happens like each year and stays a limit mark in this Corona period 

What's more, no official, Shri or educator, will succumb to Gana Korona and will be totally protected. 

Much obliged to you such a huge amount for being 

After the fruition of the alternative camp, how about we be completely ready for the remainder of the camp interaction and hold each other's hands and regard the sensations of thousands of educators. 

Petition Saraswati that the camp will end soon 

The show was made by Aapshri in 100% of the space however this accommodation was not acknowledged by the Deputy Director. 

What the chief loved is valid 

Notwithstanding, all camps are finished before enlistment 

Furthermore, one final attempt and solicitation once if conceivable 

Important link 


To play out an expert region 100% in space 

In the event that conceivable, do it to the Minister of Education, Mr. Secretary, and the Director 

Such countless working instructors with their families near and dear 

Continue to come from different regions. 

under Family Nest-Safe and Warm Program Activity File 

Hi companions, 

We are glad to advise you that the 'Family Nest-Safe and Warm' program is being dispatched for this present year just as a year ago for the psychosocial wellness of youngsters and guardians during this Koranakal. 

From today you will be routinely sent the pdf record of the video interface. 

Solicitation to convey the document routinely to all guardians and kids around there! 

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How to part in Children's UNIVERSITY COMPETITION.

  we provide information about How to part in Children's UNIVERSITY COMPETITION.

The offspring of today must be set up to become manufacturers of things to come, - the future which would be set apart by substitution of serious independence by the combination of individual freedom, aggregate populism, and widespread and profound crew;

The future will be freed from handicapping incredulity and from encouraging arrestation of the mission of information, and progress will be sped up by passionate goals to acknowledge higher otherworldly facts and their appearance in real life;

How to part in  Children  UNIVERSITY COMPETITION
How to part in Children UNIVERSITY COMPETITION

The new universe of things to come will develop material life in order to make it prosperous and rich and it will supplant neediness any place it exists by end of drudgery, misuse, and servitude and support respectability, nobility, and continuous strengthening

The kids' college will lead the offspring of today to fabricate another universe of cordiality, commonality, and concordance that rises above all boundaries of slenderness and visually impaired contentions coming about because of exclusivism and weight of the past that endeavors to wait against the pressing factor of things to come of elevating light and thriving.

How to part in  Children  UNIVERSITY COMPETITION
How to part in Children UNIVERSITY COMPETITION


Youngsters' University was established by Narendra Modi (at that point Chief Minister of Gujarat) with the plan to lead research in spaces of in general advancement of kids. College was established vide "Kids' University Act, 2009" and is subsidiary with the University Grants Commission. The University conducts research, instruction, preparing, and augmentation administrations for establishing the right climate and situation to work with the advancement of youngsters and is the lone Children's University in India.

Kids' University is a state college perceived by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). The organization offers postgraduate courses in various orders. Moreover, M Phil programs, Ph.D. courses, PG Diploma, and Certificate courses are additionally offered to the understudies of this college.

The confirmation system is led on the web, and understudies may take affirmation based on merit. If there should arise an occurrence of admission to M Phil courses, the competitors need to sit for a selection test led by the state. The college is a very much rumored one and offers a helpful grounds life to its understudies.

Kids' University Courses

Kids' University offers postgraduate courses in various spaces. What's more, it additionally gives M Phil programs, PG Diploma programs, Certificate Courses, just as Ph.D. courses. Arranged beneath is a definite portrayal of the equivalent.

Youngsters' University Admission

Affirmation depends on merit in the last passing assessments. On account of M Phil courses, the affirmation will be founded on the imprints and ensuing position in a selection test held by the state. The application interaction is led on the web and understudies need to visit the authority site of the college to apply to their favored courses. Recorded beneath are the means that an up-and-comer should continue to take admission to Children's University:

When done, the hopeful necessities to choose the courses they wish to apply for and check on the off chance that they match every one of the prerequisites.

The up-and-comer needs to fill in the application structure with exact subtleties and transfer the necessary archives, like checked marks, photos, aftereffects of past qualifying assessments, etc.

It is informed to check if any regarding the reports should be authenticated before accommodation.

After the structure is filled in and presented, the competitor ought to download it and get a printout for future reference.

The installment should be possible on the web or disconnected strategies. On account of the last mentioned, the competitor needs to present the expenses with the assistance of an interesting draft

The competitor needs to download the installment receipt and save it for additional reference.

The applicant needs to visit the authority site of Children's University and snap on the Admissions Section and sign in as new clients.

સ્પર્ધા નાં નિયમો વાંચવા - CLICK HERE

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Effectively draw, add straightforward and 3D content and stickers, and alter your pictures for nothing! 

Best English talking application for understudies 

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Practice Your English Speaking
 Practice Your English Speaking 

We have essential English discussion exercises for novices and furthermore fledgling level business English discussion. These are ideal for fledglings needing to improve their English discussion abilities. 

The most ideal approach to learn English is to rehearse communication in English in discussions. Utilize this application to learn English. 

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Practice Your English Speaking
 Practice Your English Speaking 

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This application attempts to cover the essential TIPS for English Speaking:- 

- Practice communicating in English at whatever point you get an opportunity 

- Get local English-talking companions and work on talking with them 

- Do not fear committing errors 

- Learn some English tongue twisters 

- Listen to English-language music 

- Try learning some new words each day 

- Try thinking in English 

- Learn to listen better 

- Record yourself talking and have companions tune in and remark on the account 

- Practice communicating in English before a mirror 

- Master some particular expressions and English Idioms 

- Listen and attempt to chime into rap music 

- Speak the English you know 

અંગ્રેજી બોલવા પ્રેક્ટિસ એપ અહીંથી DOWNLOAD કરો 

ઓનલાઈન પ્રેક્ટિસ એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો. 

Primary Features Include: 

1. Talk in English Online: Ta Ji lk to the Real People secretly without uncovering your personality and practice English voice correspondence securely 

2. saying: Practice English Tongue Twister to improve your articulation and make your correspondence understood 

3. Review your #1 Caller: You can review the decision from your application call history 

4. Essential English Grammar: Learn Basic Grammar like Tense, Speech... 

5. Listening capacity: Listen to the Native Speaker portraying the Conversation and Improve your Listening Skill 

6. Fundamental Conversation Skill : Read most ordinarily utilized Conversation and attempt to execute it in your everyday life 

7. Record Your Audio and Improvise Yourself: Record your sound while you talk in English and discover the space of progress and begin dealing with it 

8. A Word a Day (Vocabulary) : Strengthen your Vocabulary by learning just One Word a Day. You can likewise see not many models utilizing a similar word. 

9. Bookmark Word: Bookmark any word as your top pick for future reference 

10. Mainstream Idioms: Use well-known Idioms in your discussion to make your correspondence more successful 

11. Elocution: Listen to the way to express Vocabulary or Enter any words for right Pronunciation 

Reasonable for Those Interested In : 

☞Improving English Speaking 

☞Preparing for IELTS 

☞Preparing for SAT 

☞Preparing TOEFL 

☞Preparing for PEA 






Day by day English Conversation, Speak English easily, Commonly Used Phrases 


- Online sound mode: save your sdcard's stockpiling 

- Offline sound mode: can utilize this application in a hurry 

- List of discussions in English with 2 levels: amateur and halfway 

- List of most regularly utilized sentences and articulations 

- Record your voice, at that point the application will actually want to contrast your voice and unique sentences 

- Most usually utilized words and sentences in everyday circumstances 

- Necessary Idioms and Phrases 

- Bookmark your #1 exercises 

Is it true that you are searching for a speedy, imaginative method of improving the manner in which you talk in English? At that point, SPEAKER is the privilege application for you! The manner in which SPEAKLAR works is extremely simple to get into. You introduce the application, and afterward, it will consequently combine you up with an English local that uses the application. You can begin talking to that individual. 

Getting to the live discussion side of the application makes it simple for you to make new companions and furthermore appreciate extraordinary discussions with individuals while remaining unknown. It's never simple to test and improve your English talking abilities. You can't go to an outsider, in actuality, just to test your English. With SPEAKLAR, you can absolutely do that, truth be told you are urged to do it and you will remain securely before your cell phone. 

The application is excellent on the off chance that you need to support your TOEFL level and it additionally makes it simple for you to talk and compose at whatever point you need. There are a large number of individuals online that you can chat with, and best of all, the entirety of that is changed and adjusted to suit your requirements. 

Furthermore, SPEAKLAR permits you to gain from the filed text discussions. That is very great and intriguing, and it additionally makes the learning interaction much more advantageous eventually, which is the thing that you need to have! 

At whatever point you use SPEAKLAR you will have a heavenly and free English learning and English talking application that you can utilize at whatever point you see fit. There's no requirement for enrollment or anything like that. You even have a committed word game intended to help your jargon 

English learning application: Only the basics without sitting around idly. 

Learn Real English with Cardy App 

Cardy gives redid, open, and compelling learning encounters for you. 

You simply need to appear. With Cardy, Doors start to open 

On the off chance that you study 15 minutes per day with Cardy 

multi month = Can talk 177 sentences that English speakers use! 

3 months = Can watch Hollywood Films without a caption! 

a year = Can comprehend graduate school addresses without word reference! 

Why Cardy? 

Our English learning specialists assemble each course custom-fitted to your local language. you'll adapt rapidly and adequately. 


Handily fit English learning into your bustling timetable with 1,000+ exercises that require just 10-15 minutes to finish. 


Practice every one of the components of language learning and begin talking genuine discussions. 


12,000+ striking recordings with English captions help your English learning venture. 

Customized COACHING 

Give modified, open, and viable 1:1 learning encounters for you. 


Discover English themes for work, telephone, regular daily existence, and a whole lot more. 


Cardy's discourse acknowledgment innovation assists you with seeming like an English speaker. 


English Practice Application Click here

Online Practice App Click here 

Utilize the Review Note so the past exercises stick, and get punctuation. 

અગત્યની connect 


Text: add and redo as many content items as you need… 

3D Text: make 3d messages and overlay them on top of your pictures, or have them remain all alone in a cool banner… 

Text impacts: make your content stand apart with many content impacts like Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3d content... 

Text tone: Set your content to any fill alternative you need, be it a basic tone, a direct angle, an outspread slope, or a picture surface. 

Text textual style: browse 100+, hand-picked textual styles. Or on the other hand, utilize your own text styles! 

Stickers: add and modify as many stickers, emoticons, shapes, as you need... 

Import pictures: add your own pictures from the exhibition. This could prove to be useful when you have your own stickers, or you need to composite two pictures... 

Draw: pick a pen size, a shading, at that point draw anything you need. after that the drawing behaves like a shape and you can resize it, pivot it, add shadow to it... 

change the foundation: with the chance of making it : a shading, a slope or a picture. 

Save as a venture: you can save anything you do as an undertaking. It'll be accessible for utilizing even in the wake of shutting the application! 

Eliminate the foundation: be it a green screen, a blue screen or just a white foundation behind an item in a picture that you found on Google pictures; PixelLab can make it straightforward for you. 

Alter picture point of view: you would now be able to perform viewpoint altering (twist). Helpful for, supplanting a screen's substance, changing a street sign's content, including logos boxes... 

Picture impacts: improve your photos' look by applying a portion of the accessible impacts, which incorporate vignette, stripes, shade, immersion... 

Fare your Image: save or offer at any configuration or goal you need, For simple access you can utilize the Quick Share catches to share the picture to web-based media applications with a tick of a catch (ex : facebook,twitter, instagram...) 

Make images: utilizing the gave image preset, you can without much of a stretch have y

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