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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Anxiety is increasing with stress in coronavirus 10 ways to reduce it

  Anxiety is increasing with stress in coronavirus 10 ways to reduce it 

The whole world is facing stress due to coronavirus. Anxiety with stress increases the likelihood of depression. People are sharing stories of mental stress on social media. The whole world is waiting for just one vaccine to prevent coronavirus. But by taking care of ourselves we can avoid mental side effects.

According to psychologist Kyodo Williams, anxiety can be avoided by adapting to the opposite situation. There is a medical remedy to prevent anxiety but there is no effective way but to take care of yourself.

Anxiety can be avoided by adopting these 10 remedies

1- Disturb yourself

You disturb yourself when you feel that your level of anxiety is increasing rapidly. That is to divert attention from what you think. Engage yourself in any way you can to reduce your anxiety. Try to be happy.

"Don't worry about what you're worried about or if you're feeling insecure," says Kyodo Williams. Focus on another job. If possible, call friends and go out.

2- Focus on the feet

You can also do some quick exercises as anxiety increases. Stand for a while or sit and focus on your legs. Think about it, like, are the feet hot or cold, how does it work, how are the foot joints formed?

This type of exercise allows you to focus on something that has no scope for anxiety or stress. Diverting yourself this way for a while will give you comfort.

3- Start walking

You should walk non-stop for at least 3 minutes whenever anxiety starts to increase and you feel very unwell. Focus on your speed while walking, increase or decrease your walking speed. Think about the place where you walk. Look at the trees or plants around you. This exercise will also connect you to something that has nothing to do with anxiety and stress.

4- Engage in household chores

Anxiety can also be reduced by keeping yourself busy with some household chores. According to experts, the only reason to worry is that people have been thinking about something for a long time. Because of this, they experience insecurity and stress, which increases anxiety.

You can stop thinking about it by being busy with household chores. Housework takes some time. It keeps the brain working and also takes hard work. Therefore, it can prove to be a long exercise. Doing this will keep you from worrying for at least 10 hours.

5- Do “5 Finger Breathing”

5 Finger breathing exercises calm the brain. It brings peace and at the same time you will feel refreshed. You can easily do this exercise by following the methods given below.

Step 1. Bring your right hand in front of you and spread your fingers as far as possible.

Step 2. Rotate the fourth finger of the other hand on the outer edge of the five fingers of the right hand. Continue this process from the thumb to the little finger.

Step 3. Inhale when you start. When you reach the top of the fingers, hold and exhale downwards.

Step 4. Continue this sequence for five fingers and repeat the process from there when you have completed it. Do this two to three times.

6- Stay connected with nature

The most effective way to reduce anxiety is to connect with nature. Visit a river, lake, garden or any natural place. Stay away from the phone during this time, chant a song, talk to yourself. This is the kind of meditation that will keep you calm. According to experts, whatever the level of anxiety, it is very effective.

7- Re-discover yourself

During Anxiety we are in another world, where we lose confidence and hope in ourselves. So we start thinking negatively about career, family, study and job. According to experts, re-discovering yourself in this situation can be effective. It means thinking about yourself, such as who you are, what you are capable of and why you are important. Doing so restores confidence and lowers anxiety levels.

8- Enjoy the distraction

Sometimes we get distracted during stress and anxiety. That is, we start thinking of something other than thinking of one thing. According to experts, it is a good idea to be distracted by anxiety. It can save us from having to think seriously about one thing. So enjoy it instead of stopping the distraction.

9- Take the scent

Anxiety often occurs to the extent that people's heart rate and blood pressure rise. It becomes difficult to sit still and focus on work. This is called an anxiety attack in the medical term. According to experts, we can smell during an anxiety attack. This reduces fluctuations in the brain and seems to have less effect on anxiety.

10- Accept the current situation

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The biggest cause of anxiety is rejection of situations. We run away from it instead of facing the opposite situation. So our body and brain cannot adapt themselves to that situation and we start to get anxious. Conversely if we begin to accept situations we learn to live with them. And hopes remain. So learn to accept the current situation to avoid anxiety in the opposite situation.

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