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Sunday, November 1, 2020



Regarding the program of special brief correction of the voter list with photo regarding the qualification date of 01.01.2021. 

 Matter of organizing special campaign days regarding the voter list reform program.  Election Commission of India, New Delhi's letter no. 23/202109 - from ERS dated 07/08/2020 - ERS, with reference to the eligibility date of 01.01.2021, a special brief correction program of the photo voter list has been announced.  

Accordingly, detailed instructions have been given regarding the special brief correction program of voter list-2021 from the same letter dated 10/08/2020 and 11/08/2020.  

As per the revised program approved by the Election Commission, the period for accepting the claims and objections has been fixed from 09/11/2020 (Monday) to 15/12/2020 (Tuesday) and the publication of the draft of the consolidated voter list has been fixed on 08/11/2020.To be done on 9/11/2020 (Monday). 

 According to the program of special brief correction of voter list starting from 09/11/2020 in 174 assembly constituencies included in the state (except 6 assembly constituencies under by-election) on 22/11/2020 (Sunday), 29/11/2020.  (Sunday) 06/12/2030 (Sunday) and 13/12/2030 (Sunday) days have been decided to be held as special campaign days. 

 The following are the days of this special campaign.  Special arrangements will have to be made by the designated officer to be present at the polling station from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to accept claims and objections.  Display appropriate banner related to the program at each such location.  

To accept the forms by the designated officer on the day of the special campaign, check the details of voters from the draft, check the draft with the help of BLA, find out if there is any defect and take ancillary action and send report ERO / AERO through supervisor in the evening at the end of each special campaign day.  On this day, the supervisor will make regular visits to each of the locations under the jurisdiction and provide necessary supervision and guidance and report to the ERO / AERO of each part in the evening

India's Election Commission, New Delhi's 7/08/2020 letter numbers: 23/202109 - ERS from the provisions of the qualification, the extraordinary brief improvement program has been proclaimed Saturday, the amount of 11/08/20 and 2020 and the undercover work of casting a ballot, an exceptional brief change program of casting a ballot in the 11/09/2020, has given itemized guidelines around 2021. 

As per the updated program endorsed by the Election Commission - the time of tolerating cases and protest demands is fixed from 09/11/2020 (Monday) to .15/12/2020 (Tuesday), and the drafting of coordinated citizens In the condition of 174 in the territory of Vigilica (aside from 8 get together votes under the sub-races), an uncommon brief improvement program of the elector's rundown beginning the premise of 09/11/2020, is at the program .22/11/2020 ( The times of this exceptional mission should play out the accompanying work. The assigned official should sort out extraordinary plans to acknowledge the case and protest demands by 10:00 hours toward the beginning of the day by 10:00 hours at night to 05:00 hours. 

Showing the proper standard in the program identified with every area. To acknowledge structures by the Designed Officer on an exceptional mission, checking the subtleties of citizens from the draft, checking the drafting of the baby, if there is a blunder, and detailed through the chief at night director toward the finish of every unique mission. 

This day, taking ceaseless meetings of each area under the boss will be regulated and rules and introducing the ERO/AERO of each part of the night. 1. 2. 3. Telephone No.: MCC: 23257086, Sveeep - 23255746 CompP. Cell - 23257494, FAX: 23257090 TRAINING - 2325745 Expenditure - 23255742 Budget - 23257420 5. Region Election Officer, the citizen enlistment official and associate elector enrollment official should visit the irregular (arbitrary) visited areas.



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The subtleties of the structures acquired on exceptional missions will be sent here. Furthermore, the extending direction guidelines are given by New Delhi to India's Election Commission for arranging general/sub-decisions during Covid - 19, and the direction guidelines gave by the Government of India/State Government to stop the progress of CoVed 19.

Therefore, the definite directions in the data about the times of the extraordinary mission, are mentioned to give all the subsidizing officials required in all the particular bodies electorate, including the wide range of various unmistakable voting public, including the associate authorities, including the associate authorities, including the wide range of various unmistakable.

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